How To Write a Manufacturing Blog Post

pencilpicture Most people think writing a blog post is complex.  It doesn’t have to be.  It’s not a term paper – it’s just some notes & tips to help out friends.  Here are some of the techniques I use when advising my clients on how they can use blog postings to help their customers and make a connection.

  1. READ other blogs with Google Reader or sign-up by e-mail.  Consider starting with some of the most popular on the Ad Age Power 150 (  Some of my favorites include: Seth’s blog (the godfather of Internet marketing), CopyBlogger, and Duct Tape Marketing.
  2. Carry a nice notebook (like a Moleskine – aff.) to capture ideas as you go through your day.  This can be your best sources of business improvements and post titles.  I have developed some killer ideas for clients using this method – you never know when inspiration or boredom will create a great idea.
  3. Title your post based on top keyword searches occurring on Google (use to get keyword ideas) and then use the keyword phrase at least once or twice within the post.
  4. Multiple sub-headings make the post easier to read.
  5. Brevity is very important. Short, concise, and to-the-point is valued by busy people.
  6. A “perfect post”: 1-3 short paragraphs, a picture, and a link. It informs, educates, or entertains.
  7. Consider making the key concept of each paragraph bold.
  8. It’s beneficial to occasionally write non-industry posts that your visitors will find useful – energy savings tips, time savings tips, organization tips, technical tips, and other areas that are compelling to a broad audience.
  9. Do NOT use it for forwarding humor and the Internet silliness of the week – that is everywhere already.

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