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Marketing for Manufacturing Book

I am currently working on some book concepts for Marketing for Manufacturing.  Let me know what you think.  These books will be offered through an e-book format or as a print-on-demand.  It all depends on what is most needed by manufacturers.

Here are the books:

  1. Build a Manufacturing Website on Your Own that Drives Sales Leads, Is Easy to Maintain, Improves Customer Relationships, and Is Cost Effective.  A step-by-step workbook that uses the optimum techniques I have developed for improving manufacturing sales in struggling companies.
  2. Integrated Marketing for Manufacturing: Using Online Marketing, Traditional Advertising, Targeted Internal Improvements, and Calls To Action to GROW Sales.
  3. Working With Your Website Developer and Proven Online Methods to Grow Online Sales Leads With Your Underperforming Website.
  4. The Lean Project Manager: How To Use Project Management Techniques and Internal Marketing To Create Lasting Improvements Throughout Your Organization.

Like you, I am time-restricted in what I work on.  Which one do you think I should finish first?  Which one might be most beneficial to a manufacturing company?

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2 Responses “Marketing for Manufacturing Book”

  • Dana:

    I believe that “Integrated Marketing for Manufacturing” and “The Lean Project Manager” are both great concepts. For the last concept, “The Lean Project Manager”, I think in order to be successful it first has to start internally in your organization and flow externally.

    • Joe:

      I agree – lean can’t integrate outside a company until it is embraced internally.

      It’s horrible to see lean development activities with suppliers when the buying company doesn’t even have simple lean concepts implemented.

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