Website Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

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Please stop asking IT people to do Marketing. They are already overworked and under-appreciated. Why try to get something outside their expertise? Shouldn’t marketing & communication be the focus for your website?

A former client has a new IT person who is a wizard at technology but does not know the most basic marketing concepts associated with a website. He’s been asked to update the website with new information, but he decided to totally recreate the website. Our past work allowed us to get ranked well in Google, highly visible in local searches with good detail, and we even had sitelinks appear in search results. Sales leads were rolling in!

I’m still shocked by how many self-professed new marketing people still like to push customers around. It’s simply being self-centered. One genius even said “I don’t care what my customers want, I just want them to buy my product.” Really? Should I laugh, cry, or get my consulting fee before I leave?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A pretty brochure without text, a flash intro to a web site, and any other push technique may look attractive to the seller, but they smell like last week’s fish to a potential buyer.

Have you ever been frustrated that sales people have trouble selling?
Do non-sales employees believe they can’t sell because it is too difficult?
Are your customers confused and don’t know WHY they should buy from you?

Maybe you need a strong Unique Selling Proposition that clearly states why a customer will want your product or service.

After working with several hundred manufacturers, I can tell you why pursuing sales is like pulling teeth. Sales are hard because I have to be able to communicate the benefit of my product to a potential buyer quickly, effectively, and easily. I also have to make it unique so that I can beat my competitor.

For the past 3 years I’ve been working on a Marketing for Manufacturing book so I can help even more companies.

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Marketing for Manufacturing Book January 19, 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments I am currently working on some book concepts for Marketing for Manufacturing.  Let me know what you think.  These books will be offered through an e-book format or as a print-on-demand.  It all depends on what is most needed by manufacturers. Here are the books: […]

The people at Auburn Works, the Alabama MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership), have created the future of MEP Center websites. The new website creates a community using the Ning platform and integration of traditional website functionality and social media.

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Should you be using PDF files to market your products and services? Yes, but only if you do it the right way…

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I’ve received several questions about how companies can make website marketing improvements. The two most common questions can be summarized as:

“Do you offer website marketing classes?” YES, click here for a listing of website marketing classes.

“Can you help with our website and marketing?” YES, click here to see services we provide to help with website marketing.